The Studio is paused until September 9th
A new enriched schedule published in August !! See you soon and enjoy the summer.
The philosophy of Urb yoga
The philosophy of the studio Urb Yoga subscribes in benevolence and confidence. We come here to share the passion of yoga and to find a balance between body and mind. This shared awareness among students and teachers allows a real impact on their environment. Urb Yoga, located within the walls in Avignon is a place to share the different practices of yoga. You can also discover music, singing and meditation, allowing you to blossom with yourself and with others
Urb Yoga engages in the city
The team of professors appropriates the places of nature and gardens in the city to soak up their energy and their serenity. A true collaboration is established with the artists (theater, photo, dance, residence of artists). A hand-in-hand work is set up with doctors (interaction between meditation, yoga nidra and neuroscience). Finally, the studio is involved in social and community actions of the city (street art festival, Christmas of the popular relief in collaboration with the conservatory of music of Grand Avignon).
12 place Nicolas Saboly 84000 AVIGNON