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Crédit Photos: Arnaud Valz Blin pour le Studio UrbYoga


My second birth dates from 1993, I leave the cocoon for the great freedom and my first meeting with my past lives.
A pilgrimage at 4700m altitude north of Kathmandu in the Langtang, 300 to 400 shamans, thousands of pilgrims, the sacred lake of Gosaikunda where the god Civa would sleep, a sacred festival and a press article with my friend photographer Arnaud Prudhomme , a committed journalist and a fervent defender of human rights.
From 1993 to 1995, I crossed my limits. I acclimate myself to my own greatness, to the altitude that I allow myself by walking around the Annapurna.
I follow with the Sagarmatha region, "Solukhumbu", Everest region. After a week of jungle where leeches burn in a subtropical heat, then come the whirling glaciers that are the size of a district of Paris.
I walk with an old man to Everest base camp and I climb my first 5500 m "Chukung Ri Pic".
Greed by my own strength, germinates in me, the crazy idea, to go in the "Bayoul", hidden country of Dolpo or "Guru Padmashambava" would have pursued a demoness to kill her.
Open for only two years, at this time, it is a high altitude wilderness area without any possibility of relief or the "Dolpopas" nomads of Tibetan origin live for millennia without the "white".
I ride in one week an expedition with Tika, my guide, Karna, a dry and carnivorous gurung bearer and finally Baini, little sister, 13 years old who I avoid prostitution for the equivalent of a salary "of fear" a year to join us as a cook.
I rent a small fokker, twin engine with his Canadian pilot, landing at Jumla and start of an extreme adventure: A month of walking, 250 km, low altitude 5000, cross strings of rivers, 3 peaks (5600, 5800, 5900) and an end of the journey with the only food of "tsampa" and dried cheese ... "What did you come to find here? Did you come with the iron bird? "...
When I return to Katmandu, I meet Eric Valli, one of the first to have walked the land of Dolpo, "Hymalaya: the childhood of a leader", mutual respect.
In 1997, the legendary road from Kathmandu to Lhasa, the last stop before India.

In 2001, India and a beautiful meeting, during a 14-day pilgrimage, with SNGoenka my teacher of Vipassana meditation on the places of life of the Buddha: sharing a meal in the silence of Sarnath and beginning of a common and professional life with my partner.
In February 2002, in Paris, we created "L'Or et le Sel", a gallery where we gathered heart-warming shots during several weeks of traveling and about 4000 km from Bombay to Kathmandu.Purchases with more than 39 suppliers, 5 export points and 10-hour days to search, negotiate, export art, antiques, curiosities, history, meaning.
In 2004 and for three years, I am the seven levels of tantric teaching of the School of Awakening, in order to understand and feel more spiritually the Sacred Union.
In parallel, Yoga mixes and tightly intertwines with this History from my 23 years in Nepal and Paris in the center of Yoga Iyengar.
I followed the teaching according to Sri B.K.S IYENGAR for 25 years and participated in Yoga teacher training.
I have been practicing VIPASSANA meditation for 21 years meditating or serving as "Dhamma".

December 2017, Ingrid hands me the keys of her center with the spontaneity of the heart that inhabits her, "Come practice with us!" and opens to me a new door on my spiritual path ...

My knowledge of the body and mind allows me to gradually guide you in the practice to “release" the body and soothe the mind.
The leitmotiv of one of my teachers:
"To try is to master"!


My yoga
I am primarily attached to yoga by deeply ethical aspects. The happiness I have to teach delves deeply into the students' feelings, rather than the technique, even if it remains an important starting point. That's why I'm particularly interested in the most spiritual forms of yoga, especially yoga Nidra - yoga of sleep. Its practice requires a long, demanding apprenticeship, but whose benefits touch on the key points of the personality. In recent years, I have particularly enjoyed sharing my knowledge of yoga with research in neurology. I joined a scientific team that wanted to explore and illuminate its impact by discovering the cerebral mechanisms that it implements, the areas of the brain that it activates in stages. This will undoubtedly in the future better explain the tangible benefits that can be derived from yoga. It will also broaden the practitioner's audience by erasing the reluctance of those who still see it as a vague exercise of relaxation soaked with vague mysticism ...
As a teacher and researcher, I like to federate personalities who create synergies and share knowledge, and whose desire to teach largely exceeds the routine or mercantile aspect. It must be said that the fashion of yoga can sometimes offer sad examples that tend to reduce it to a kind of sports discipline ...
My practice starts from a desire to break with the deleterious situations that can be experienced over the course of life. Yoga has come to put in my own life the words of a deep benevolence, it is a path of which I had found the first sins instinctively, in reflexes of defense which the child that I was had needed in front of a difficult family context. But my long apprenticeship, going back to basics, taught me that it led beyond repairs, to a form of extreme simplification. Yoga is able to put our consciousness in resonance with the world, to restore certain vectors of happiness entangled in the most essential forms of life.
Having said that, I sincerely believe that there are things to learn, that the generations who have long elaborated the different forms of yoga, who have built its ramifications by exploring its tangible possibilities, have knowledge to transmit to us beyond the centuries, to better inhabit the living space that is given to us.

My journey to yoga
After leaving a family environment in Marseille that was colorful and soaked with dangerous escapades that taught me to harden and fight, I continued the thirst for knowledge that had participated in extracting me. My studies led me to a Master’s degree in urban geography, and later made me start a master's degree in urban planning law in Shanghai. At the same time, I have immersed myself in the literature that is before yoga, the Vedas, the Patanjali sutra, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana ...
My first concrete meeting with a yogi in Marseille, however, did not satisfy me, because it did not bring me as much as was suggested by my reading, especially at the spiritual level, which seemed to be the key to access to another level.
That's why I went to Shanghai, to follow Iyengar yoga teaching. I think I can say that I have perfectly merged with Chinese life, language, culture, lifestyles, and that I keep a lot of enrichments today since a part of my life is still there.
Beyond a greater spirituality, I learned a real rigor, and I could experience the interest of a progression in the practice, accompanied by deep spiritual meditations associated with the pranayama method.
To continue my investigations, I then became interested in Anusara, excrescence of the Iyengar developed by John Friend. There was an important center in Cincinnati, the Shine Center, and I left my Chinese life to immerse myself in an American life. I had as teachers Wendy Anderson, Sienna Shermann, Amy Ippoliti ...
My progress continued towards the discovery of yoga Nidra, especially with Rod Stryker.
It is at this stage that I have acquired enough scales to begin to deal with the tools of yoga, and to be able to modulate my practice according to the students, as if it were necessary for each one to write a score, as well as you have to learn a score for yourself. This intensive and polymorphous learning led me to reject the standardized methods, which make the postures, asanas, look like performance.

My yogi career
I started teaching yoga in the United States, then, my training course crossing a course, I returned to France. I met Mathieu, one of the three masters of Nidra in the hexagon, but also a great connoisseur of all yoga, including Kurma yoga. He helped me perfect my Nidra practice and deepen its meaning. His true knowledge of Sanskrit allows him to categorize and situate, in a critical way, yoga in the great apparatus of sacred languages and oriental practices. I also went to London to meet Uma and Nirlipta, because they were the first to try to synthesize the Nidra Yoga currents, and they made their research available to feed the teachers.
Nidra is implicitly striving for a peaceful relationship with the world and with oneself. This is how a loop was made between my first child reflexes that repaired the terror and my journey in yoga, to evolve into a detached and open practice, able to restore me a peaceful and harmonious sense of nothingness, an extreme receptivity of the moment. Yoga Nidra involves a great confiteor, that one relies the "eyes closed", literally, to a master. It involves so much fragility, awareness, and finesse, that it requires teachers fully aware of their commitment, capable of accompanying a spiritual elevation.
At the same time, my collaborations with hospital researchers led me to work with them to do yoga therapy. I like this exercise that puts me in front of requirements of better being and puts me in front of the test of the concrete and visible results! And since this activity is growing, I find a tangible confirmation of the usefulness and relevance of my research.
I also welcome a new collaboration with Patrick, with whom I try to set up an open exchange, which mixes his skills of yogi, shivaist, his mastery of Tantric practices. We are building together a theoretical and practical sum that we put to the test of therapies, and which will give rise to future publications, because we have a great common concern of transmission, of discovery, and because what fills us, this is really to help, to comfort, to open new paths of happiness.

My goal as a teacher
I am committed to follow a real exploration of yoga, without concessions, practicing a real immersion closer to the sources.
I would like the practitioners I accompany to have access to the feeling that "everything flows", as the early Greek philosophers thought, and to resituate themselves in an elementary relationship with oneself and the world, stripped, soothed and soothing, profoundly beneficent.
At first, I systematically push my students to do violence to shake up their daily lives, get rid of their slag, go ahead without fear.
I practice yoga with people who come to me sometimes with problems to solve, sometimes with the only need, often poorly expressed, to recover a unity of consciousness. That said, I clearly perceive that there is something else that is related to the sacred in the Yoga Nidra, invisible but perceptible through the breath and the energies that the students will generate during the practice, that they will bring back in their life daily.

My work on yoga
I am very attached to working with yogis always aware of what they bring into play. They must absolutely dominate their subject, but with humility and prudence, especially having an ethic in relation to their students.
I can say that as a woman and as a yogi, I am soothed, and I learned by creating working contexts that federate people, that what motivates me deeply today is to create unions as indicated by the root of yoga.
I like to reduce the fracture that underlies the consciousness towards the world. I believe in the deep beneficent virtue of yoga, of which I see every day the tangible and happy confirmation of my students.


Stephanie teaches Vinyasa.


Like Yoga, traditional Taekwondo brings balance and calm of mind through concentration, harmony of gestures and motor skills. Our martial art moves are faster than those of yoga, but the repetition of these movements beyond a simple practice of self-defense brings us to a similar meditative calm.
Working with one partner, adapting to each other's movements in non-fighting spirit helps us learn and discover the limits of our bodies and the bodies of our partners.
The practice of traditional taekwondo may be for the yogis an extension of their internal practice to the external. A martial practice that does not try to measure with the other but to get in touch with him. The benefits of our practice are a higher body control, a more focused concentration and a sensitivity to avoid dangers in the daily, more developed.
Our training requires a fairly complete physical training but no basis in the martial arts is necessary. There is no limitation on age or sex to learn anything about either even in this practice.
The collaboration with Studio UrbYoga is reflected in the creation, in synergy, of three workshops for Taekwondo students, where the tools of Yoga will complete their practice.


A deep need to share an extraordinary practice made her teach yoga in 2009, after having trained in Hatha yoga with an Indian master in Hong Kong and a second training in Ashtanga vinyasa with Paul Dallaghan. Émilie specialized in children's yoga and prenatal yoga, notably with Dr Gasquet
In prenatal yoga, Émilie brings to light the deep mental and emotional attachment between mother and child by working the tools of breathing, relaxation through visualization and voice. Postural is also essential to maintain muscle strength, fluidity and physiological benefits.


My roots

My name is Victorine and I come from a family based in central France, in Orleans. These roots have given me the desire since my youngest age, to get closer to nature and to become the one I am today, choosing to free myself while travelling.

Growing up, I always felt in me a difference that had to be shared with the rest of the world. This difference is the will to transmit messages of life wherever I move as "everything is possible, just believe it". Thus, I left the family cocoon at only 17 years old, to tame life, its successes and its lessons. Going through Tours, Paris and New York alone during my studies, I first discovered a strength and a determination that slumbered me to achieve my goals.

My journey

At the age of 24, I was at the stage where I was supposed to be happy and fulfilled professionally and humanely. But reality has caught me through the Parisian rhythm "metro, job, sleep". Working in a beautiful company with international reputation, I realized that my path was not the one I imagined. My body and my mind gave me several signals during this period, that I needed to act and that I really get closer to my own values ​​of life, of my mission here.

In 2016, during a month-long trip in Thailand, several revelations opened to me. I began to understand more and more what I wanted in my life, on which way I had to go to feel useful to others. On my way home, I left my Parisian job and his hectic life, to settle down with my companion in Avignon.

I have been passionate about riding and dancing since I was a child, and I gradually learned how to practice sports where I felt fully "me". This is how I decided to develop my knowledge, in order to better transmit the essential information, through diplomas.

Since then, my personal development has been through meditation, benevolence towards others, and me, and Yoga and Pilates. I found in these universes, certain answers which are essential to me today to evolve all together.

My Yoga and Pilates

My way of teaching is above all the desire to want to share a maximum of knowledge and then feelings about oneself, one's body and one's mind.

I aspire to give to my pupils, all the means that will be useful to them in their daily life in order to find a harmonious and serene harmonization of their life.
To know how to observe one's body, to listen to it and to direct it through my discipline form the essential base of it.
I am convinced that a healthy mind will evolve better in a healthy body and vice versa.
I thus tend to allow each of us, to get closer to his true self and the discovery of his body envelope.
I hope that the people I met on my way receive my message of being above all at peace with themselves and others, that life is wonderful every day.

My meeting with the UrbYoga Studio

In December 2018, Ingrid sent me a message asking me to find a moment to meet her and me. I immediately felt in this first exchange, a willingness to pool our knowledge and our beautiful energies.

With pleasure, I receive the teachings of the different teachers in the studio. They allow me a new opening and a new knowledge of the discipline of Yoga. I find in them and in these places, the path tends sought to which I aspired for you, for us, for myself.

Finally, I send you a sentence that follows me since my awakening on my new path:

"By making our light sparkle, we unconsciously offer others permission to do so".

Nelson Mandela